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jude law and a semester abroad

today in my sex and scandal class we watched a video about oscar wilde that the bbc made probably about 8-10 years ago. and lord alfred douglas, wilde's love interest, was played by none other than jude law, including much ass viewage and a view of some pubic hair. not that it matters, since everyone's seen him naked already anyway. it was interesting watching him sodomize young british boys, though.

and i think orlando bloom might have made a cameo at the beginning. i'll go check on that...haha i was so right. he was a 'rent boy,' whatever that is. and i was right, it's 10 years old. 1997 doesn't quite feel like 10 years ago, though. hmm. time goes by so fast, and yet so slowly as well.

my favorite quote from the movie, though, was this: "i find that alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, can bring about all the effects of drunkenness."

oh, the humor of oscar wilde. my goal this summer is to read his plays and novels.

today i spent a considerable amount of time in the library reading about maimonides in preparation for an essay that i should have started writing already. i've become such a slacker in australia.

fortunately my tenure here is almost up, and i can come home and be normal in my normal life again. happy? sad? i don't know.

time to not think and watch sex and the city with the girls, my nightly break.
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