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give me naan...or give me death

today again i woke up early to get a jumpstart on the day. first i went to the rocks market, which is mostly artsy stuff. i bought myself a book (the other boleyn girl, which i've been dying to read but is never in the library) and some vintage postcards to decorate the walls. i found a vase that i should have bought for amy but didn't, so i'll probably go back and get it if i can't find something else. buying gifts for people is so stressful, i waaay overthink it.

after that i went to the sydney observatory, which i've been wanting to do for a while. it was pretty anticlimactic, there's not a whole lot to do during the day, and the exhibits aren't really scientifically based. i'm glad i went and got to see it though, i got to go up into one of the domes and see the telescope, so that was cool. the grounds are really pretty as well, with gardens and a park.

after that i took the bus to paddy's market, which is known for having lots of junk. i wanted to buy some souvenir stuff, so i did, but i'll probably go back later and get more. then i went to the fruit market to get a peach, but they must be completely out of season because none of the vendors was selling them. i bought some grapes instead, and ate them as i walked home. it took about a half hour and it was sooo nice out. i love just wandering the city, and this was the first time i've walked that part of town. sydney's really pretty and it's nice to wander, the same way dc is. it was just enjoyable.

and then i came home and passed out for a few hours. when i woke up i got ready for our house dinner, which we had out at an indian restaurant in darling harbour called zaafran. i don't like indian food, but the little bit that i did eat was okay and not too spicy, and of course i had tons of naan. it was just a really enjoyable evening, lots of good conversation and wine and fun, and i got to wear my new dress and boots and feel cute. afterwards monique and stuart and i went to homebar to have a cocktail and look cute (maybe not stuart, i think he just came along because i made him), and it wasn't quite what i was hoping but it was fun anyway, and then we came home. i'm quite tired, i guess just from walking around town today and yesterday, so i think i'll just put myself to bed so i can be productive tomorrow in terms of going to the gym and getting some work done.

bon soir.
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