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and now, i can legally drink in any country i want to. except all those ones i can't.

birthday has come and gone in australia, although barely, since it's retardedly early. so early, in fact, that i woke up drunk. yessss. i partied last night away, beginning at about 6 and ending at midnight. tame, i know, but i'm now packing and making my way to the airport for spring break, so i had to curtail it a bit. i'll spend tonight telling people it's my birthday so i can go crazy again. and i'll have less for dinner.

so last night i got pretty tipsy at dinner with my parents, then went to marly bar and had more, and then went to scruffys and had waaaay too much too fast. and on my full stomach, it was unpleasant. fortunately not in a messy way.

and then i came home and talked to the world online and was a wall whore and somehow managed to pack as well. i think i did a pretty good job, hopefully i'll feel the same when i'm sober and need clothes to wear.

anyway, i need to go catch a plane. back in a week!
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