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the spars do sydney

my parents got here today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uber-exciting. and they brought me tons of great things, like new clothes, pictures of the cutest cara bella ever, and birthday checks!

and today was probably the most packed day i've had since being in sydney. we started at 9 30 with seeing each other over breakfast with some friends. because it was rainy we decided to take the monorail around, but on our way we were distracted by lots of cool architecture, and ended up making our way over to the botanical gardens. the sun came out, which was really fortunate, and we got to see lots of pretty gardens and take family pictures galore. we walked over to mrs. mcquarie's chair to get the best view of the opera house and the bridge, and then we walked all the way back around the harbor and caught a ferry to taronga zoo. we got to see a cute seal show and a bunch of other fun stuff, but i have to say that on the whole i wasn't super impressed. it was fun though. it rained on and off, but for the most part the weather stayed nice. when we got back we walked back to the hotel and my parents changed for dinner, and i took a catnap on their bed. then we cabbed back to mandelbaum so i could change and show my parents around a bit, and they seemed to enjoy it. we were too late to get to services at the great synagogue, but that was ok. we went out to dinner at a steakhouse in darling harbour, which is so gorgeous. my parents really seemed to like it there even though they were fading fast. after dinner we called it a night and put each other into cabs, and we'll meet up tomorrow for another day of activities. i came back here and watched sabrina, and i'm going to go to bed soon so i'm rested up for MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we're pub crawling until i say we can stop. at least, that's my plan.

i haven't posted in forever, but not much has been happening. except that last night we went out to a club in north sydney called greenwood, where all the underage highschoolers go. it was an experience, i'll say that. i saw a pretty rad fight, and i watched my r.a. make out with a sketchy guy, but other than that, it was your basic club.

this weekend promises to hold some great stories though, so stay tuned.
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