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i've become that ghetto girl who threatens fights when she's drunk

last night we went on a pub crawl, and i just wanted to go out and get really drunk because my family was all at home at my grandmother's funeral. so alcohol seemed like the best idea in stead of being there.

what was meant to be a big group ended up just being me, emily, sophia, stuart, and q, but that was actually a pretty good group. we started off at paddy's with cocksucking cowboys, then moved on to scruffy's for vodka lemonade, then shit on the grasses at three wise monkeys, then two more vodka lemonades at pavilion, then we bussed down to the end of george street and went to jacksons for a round of jagerbombs. at this point we met up with pete, riche, jock, andrew, and emily, all of whom were sober and wanted to either get cheap drinks or pancakes. by this point pretty much everything but jacksons was closed, so we went back there but apparently the drinks were too expensive for people to drink there. i did another round of jagerbombs, and then we headed out to god knows where. the only place that was going to be open by the time we got there was scruffy's, but no one wanted to go there so we agreed to walk until we found an open pub, which we didn't find. sophia and i were pissed at our respective guys, and then when we ran into two really drunk girls in academic dress and the guys were all over them, we got pretty pissed. the guys were waiting at the bus stop to catch the bus home, and then andrew made some retarded comment about how he had gotten stuck with the drunk girls, and so i told him nobody wanted him there anyway and he should just leave us and go home. and pete backed him up, which made me even more pissed. so sophia and i just walked away, and i left her at scruffy's and got in a taxi home.

and then i talked to sarah for a while, because apparently there was a shooting at her school. random as hell. then i tried to call my parents but they didn't answer the phone, so i have to try calling them again.

last night honestly would have been fun if those guys hadn't come. boys ruin everything.
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