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fizzy pink pussy?

wednesday night we went on a bar crawl with aujs, the australasian union of jewish students. it was actually pretty fun, there were about 200 students from all over new south wales, and yet somehow i managed to spend my entire night with americans. and shulzi.

we crawled on oxford street, which was cool, because i haven't been there yet. at 8 oclock on a wednesday there's not a whole lot going on there, but by the end of the night i was too drunk to care. emily and i ended up meeting these guys named chris and alex (can you tell which one wasn't actually jewish?) from the states who we hung out with. i also spent time with shulzi, aka big nose, and we and some other people did a shot at one of the places called a fizzy pink pussy. or something like that. it's the house shot. i wanted to do a cocksucking cowboy since i've yet to have one of those, but that's clearly going to have to wait. after the crawl (at the oh so late hour of 12 am) the four of us left to go to three wise monkeys, but alex couldn't get in because the bouncer said he'd had too much to drink. they're pretty ridiculous about that here. so instead we went to scruffy's, which is not as hopping on wednesdays as it is on tuesdays. in fact, when we got there there were about 30 people upstairs, and maybe 5 or so downstairs. alex and i did a jagerbomb, which i actually like a lot, and then we went downstairs to dance. in about three minutes we were all making out like crazy, which was pretty sketch considering that it was us and two guys dancing randomly by themselves. apparently i don't 'come up for air' as much as is normal. whatever. alex had a REALLY NICE body. very jacked. i know because my hands were all over it for the hour a half that we were making out. on his pecs and his abs specifically. they were really nice. i don't think i've ever been with a guy who was jacked like that. and then we went home, because it was late, but not before inviting the guys to come to our traffic light party that's supposed to be happening tonight. they got our numbers, but they haven't called yet. i'm not too concerned, it would be nice to have sex tonight but if i don't have that pressure on me i'd probably feel better.

so traffic light party tonight. this should be interesting.

p.s. the last 15 hours have been a pretty non-stop grey's marathon. i only slept 5 hours, and i only have one episode left in season 2. exciting!
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